For several years I was chairman of the City of Hull Young Musicians' Friends' Association.

I think it is absolutely vital that music is brought to people from a young age and the ability and opportunity to learn and perform is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to future generations.

The city of Hull gets a pretty bad press for one reason or another but it has a fantastic, award-winning music service and the fabulous Albemarle Music Centre, home to around 20 brilliant orchestras, choirs, bands and percussion ensembles that are a credit both to the city and to the music teachers involved.

The Friends' Association exists to raise money to help run these ensembles by buying instruments, buying and hiring music and providing a subsidy towards the cost of the annual European tour on which senior students are able to go each year. My daughter Anita had the opportunity to play in concerts in places like Pisa, Florence, Barcelona and Lloret de Mar among others. In today's financial circumstances, with cuts being made throughout local government, fundraising is needed more than ever to help the Hull Music Service to continue to provide what is recognised as one of the best music services in England.