.... and now I'm a best-selling author.  Well a published author anyway. As well as music I have written and had published my first book.  It's a light-hearted but well-researched appreciation of the Hull dialect.  I'm not from Hull originally - I was born and spent my childhood on the South coast but I've lived all my adult life in East Yorkshire - and I love the way Hull people speak.

My book is called Me Sannies Are Brannies and is available at £5.95 from

Waterstones in Hul,

Spin-it Records in Hull Covered Market

The Hull People's Memorial on Whitefriargate

Cafe 31 on Waltham Street (beside BHS) all in Hull.

Form on Humber Street in Hull

Chance Gifts on Savile Street in Hull

Bus Stop, the Beverley Community Lift charity shop on Sow Hill in Beverley

Most Dove House Hospice charity chops

You can buy it online from from at or contact me direct.